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12 May 2012

Reaver Pro | Kit

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Tactical Network Solutions (makers of reaver-wps) have made a kit to purchase. Looks a bit pricy considering there is about 30 - 40 dollars worth of hardware there. Little annoyed that there are no specs listed. I would like to know what wifi chip it is running. I am tempted to buy it and rip it open :). Here is the Reaver Pro version to wonderful readers of DishingTech for free:

Another silly thing is they would probably make more money if they just sold the software instead of making people buy a kit. I would be happy to pay $35 dollars for it. I have everything else in this kit!
Nonetheless, the Reaver Pro software looks easy to use and is well refined commercial version of the open source project. They must run some sort of linux distro to be able to boot onto it. You must check out the video below.
The Reaver Pro kit comes with:
• Tactical Network Solutions USB drive with bootable Reaver Pro distribution
• Tactical Network Solutions USB Alfa AWUS036H device
• Reaver Pro Users Guide
• High gain 5dBi Antenna
• USB Cable

• Compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows

You can purchase it for $99.00 at HakShop and they deliver to most countries. To get it delivered I am looking at about $18.00. If you have a Mac you will also need VMware, so expect to pay up to $165 dollars!

Here are some FAQs


  1. I boot from my usb and I get to the GUI but when I click on the play button to survey it does nothing. I can get to the desk top and everything but does nothing when I hit the play button. help me. I bought the whole kit.


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