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13 May 2012

Need Help from DishingTech?

I have been getting heaps of comments which is good. Most of these comments are questions or requests for help rather than thanks or adding on to the article. I have made the following guidelines to help me help you and help you help me. We are also accepting tutorial requests from readers and are seeking people to write for us.

Guidelines for Commenting, Sharing & Requesting Help
1 Be specific and detailed For example, do not just say "my wireless card says it is not found". State the operating system, hardware and version numbers. Also state what you have done to try to resolve the issue.

2 Use English we welcome other people from other countries to contribute. However, the native language of this blog is english. If you do not know english. Head over to google translate, copy your text and paste it in the comment section.

3 Check Out Other Related Posts They might just have the answer you are looking for.

4 Check Out the Links within the Post They are there for a reason, to help you understand more.

5 Let Me See What You See Add an image so I see what you see, or better yet, upload a screencast or video on YouTube.

6 Follow up if you asked a question and I helped you fix the problem state your success so others know it works and I know it works.

7 Do not copy from Us we appreciate you want to share our articles but we spend time creating original content. Our work is subjected to copyright conditions. Under no circumstances are you allowed to copy word for word our blog. However, you are allowed to share, provided you give us credit If you do and we find out, we will issue you a DMCA notice which may result in your website being taken down.

8 Say Thanks It feels good to be appreciated. DishingTech gets over 3,000 page views a day and only about 3 comments per day. The more we feel we are helping, the more content we can deliver to help you more.

9 Embedding Videos Any videos published by us on YouTube can be embedded in your website. However, under no circumstances are you allowed to rip the movie and publish it on your own website or YouTube account.

10 Sharing If we helped you or feel we can help other groups share our website or articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinerest, blogs, forums, news articles wherever. Bookmark Us also :)

11 Finding Stuff To help you find stuff on DishingTech use our Search Box which is located on the top of the right hand pane --> or use this one:



  1. I have tried Xiaopan 0.4.2 now found on your site 8187B removed tried 0.4.1 and Beini 0.1.25, 0.1.2,  0.1.21 same with all of them "my wireless card is not found" using Windows XP SP3.

    At 70 years of age still after nearly 50 years computing trying to stay up to date with IT is not easy I did look at your site but from what you say not sufficiently.

    Sorry to have bothered you
    Have a good day

  2. Hi Sbks7u, the rtl8187B is very similar with the rtl8187L (most popular) but the drivers are not interchangable. If you have an rtl8187B you need to run: /home/tc/ in xfe file manager or rootshell. This should only be done in or because I do not think that there is even drivers for the rtl8187b in other builds.

    That should work, hope it works, let me know how you fair. 

  3. Hi Adrian

    Sorry but no I have tried to run the file as suggested but it replies file run .sh not found
    I have used it on both Xiaopan and Beini latest software

    I have found the following files on a disk provided with the wifi adapter can they be used in XiaopanOS or Beini for the rtl817B which is what they were provided for




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