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02 May 2012

Best Mirroring Websites, File Hosts & Cloud Services of 2012

I was on the lookout for a mirroring service that could publish my files to different file hosts all at once. After some research I found that MirrorCreator is by far the best one for 2012. My reasons are given below. 

At MirrorCreator I can upload one or multiple files to my accounts with some of the best file hosts of 2012. I have had a bad experience with file hosts such as Megaupload, which was taken down spectacularlyFileSonic and Fileserve that now only allow the uploader to download files. This is highly annoying and wastes quite a great deal of time. For piece of mind you can upload between 9 - 12 file hosts at once. The only concern is if MirrorCreator gets shut down. Even if it does, you will still have the files on your file sharing hosts!

I uploaded this file, password is: dishingtech, see how it works and looks.

3 Limitations
There is no limit as to how many hosts you use with MirrorCreator. However, depending on your account, you can only upload between 9 - 12 at once. There is also a limit as to how many files you can upload at once (max 10). File sizes between hosts range between 200mb and 400mb (pro account) with the most common being 300mb. Therefore, you might need to package your files and split them into multiple zip or rar files that are larger than the allowed mb limit. The files generally upload at a speed of ~200kb/s.

Image 1: The ones that are ticked are my default file hosts, here you can upload 1 - 10 files at once, password protect your files and get email confirmation when it uploads

4 Tips
I suggest that you pick out 10 file hosts from the list below and signup to them, then go to the MirrorCreator File Host Accounts and add your passwords and usernames / email addresses.

5 Major Features
When you first signup browse some of the features you will be pleasantly surprised:

• Add up to 27 file sharing host accounts (see 7 List of Supported Hosts)
• Use 9 - 12 hosts at once to upload your files (see image 1)
• Password protect your files
• Upload from urls and on your computer
• Tells you if the download was a successful upload or a failure on the download page (see image 2)
• Email when your upload is complete to a friend or to yourself
• Allow visitors to share the files via social networking sites

• Allow users to copy Direct and Short links
• Embed the files into websites with HTML code
• Embed the uploaded files to Forums through phpbb code 
• Add default file hosts so you do not have to tick them manually
• File manager allows you to delete files and check on the size, upload date and the amount of hits it received (see image 3)

Image 2: Download page users will see and they can see which uploads failed and/or choose where they want to download it from
Image 3: MirrorCreator File Manager

Image 4: MirrorCreator GUI, files disapear when they are uploaded, when they are all done, you will get the download links
6 Account Types
Here is a list of different account types and what features they have:

7 List of Supported Hosts
This section is by no means a comparison, just what MirrorCreator supports. One thing there certainly no shortage of file hosts these days. The ones with Gone are either gone temporarily or gooone forever. The red ticks are the hosts that are highly recommended:

GlumboUp (Gone)
TwoShared (2shared) 
FileRio (Formally FileKeen)
TurboBit (Gone)
FileSwap √ 

8 Pro Features
A Pro account is quite easy to attain. You just need to have popular files that get downloaded as well and upload genuine files that you are allowed to distribute. No warez, cracked or pirated apps, movies, games etc.

Upload to your own hosting accounts
Upload files to your own accounts at 15+ hosting sites including Depositfiles,
Extabit, Turbobit, Bitshare etc.

Remote URL uploading
Upload files by simply entering the direct download link of files hosted at any remote servers.

File importing from other hosts
Remote URL uploading from 4 hosting sites in the format

Upload simultaneously to 12 mirrors
You can upload to as many as 12 mirrors at a time compared to 8 mirrors for regular users.

Submit to VirusTotal
You could optionally submit your files automatically to VirusTotal for virus scanning (up to 32MB file size).

Maximum file size of 400 MB
PRO users can upload a total file size of up to 400 MB compared to 300 MB for
regular users.

9 Best File Hosts that Cannot Replace MirrorCreator
Unfortunately MirrorCreator cannot replace these awesome file hosts: Dropbox, CloudApp, iCloud, Google Drive and SkyDrive. These services are premium and are the easiest way to share files with friends and colleagues. However, if you want to earn money from people downloading your files, MirrorCreator is the right choice. Another very similar host is missing from MirrorCreator, in my opinion the best file host is also not supported, and that is MediaFire (that is of course you use it to host illegal files, then they will delete the files and ban your account really quickly if they receive a DMCA notice)....That is compared to the other hosts which are more lenient.

10 Warning
There might be some rouge file hosts out there that might want to steal your personal data and do malicious things to you. Therefore it is a good idea not to use passwords and usernames that you already have for other online accounts. E.g. Hotmail, internet banking etc. 1Password (Cross Platform: iOS, Mac, Windows, Android) can facilitate different passwords and fill them in for you to prevent keyloggers and other threats. 


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