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26 April 2012

Beini 1.2.4 | Reaver Edition

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Given that the Beini project is not currently under development I created a new 1.2.4 version that incorporates Reaver to brute force hack and test WPA / WPA2 Wireless Protection Setup (WPS) pins which is much easier, quicker and has a higher success rate then WPA/WPA2 dictionary attacks. I have also added more drivers for WiFi cards! Tired of Beini not working for you? Try XiaopanOS.

In the download you will get a VMware image file (Beini 1.2.4.vdmk), Parallels Desktop image file (Beini 1.2.4.pvm) and of course you will get the all important Beini ISO for your Virtual Machine software or another alternative such as Virtualbox. This version is PC and Mac compatible also. Download Beini 1.2.4 (requires WinRar (PC), UnrarX (Mac) or similar RAR program to extract).

Password to download is: dishingtech

Note that you can download the new Beini 1.2.5 has Reaver and Inflator (GUI version)

I suggest you head over to reaver-wps google code if you are unfamiliar with it to understand what it can do and how to use it. Also check here to see what WiFi cards are compatible with Beini.

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If you are having problems with Reaver commands let me know in the comment section below. To begin access to it, type reaver in root shell.


  1. hi admin,

    tried using beini 1.2.4 for wps, run reaver code and its just halfway run then hang no activity, it is happen to you before ?? 

  2. For a start, my name is Adrian. You are asking for help but you don't provide me with much information. You need to tell me error codes, use -vv, what wireless card are you using also. Also screenshots, screendumps and thank you in advances are much appreciated. Hopefully you used an actual your actual email address so you can be emailed when I made this reply!

  3.  No error code, it just hang, test using feeding bottle able to detect wireless card and change to monitor mode.

    Before this have this issue using backtrack, but manage to stop it (ctrl +c) and continue with restored session. Using beini i cannot stop the process.

  4. Sounds like it is a reaver or WiFi adapter issue, what model are you using and have you checked out reaver-wps google code for support and troubleshooting? I guess you could tweak the settings a little. It also might be the AP giving you issues.

  5. Hi Adrian , I am new in this beini things...I already download the vmware and your latest beini...I dont know what to do after I run it with vmware...please help me...

    F.y.i : I am using 4750G acer with PCI-E wifi card Atheros AR5B93....

  6. There are heaps of tutorials on youtube to hack WEP and WPA. There is also quite a few good videos on youtube to show you how to use reaver. I could really help you if you could post a video (screencast) on youtube, facebook or somewhere else to show what your level of understanding is. Your card is certainly compatible. I created a tutorial to show you how to get into WEP: and if you get a no wireless card problem, see here: You must allow Beini to detect and initiate your card so wait 2 mins before attempting to do anything in Beini once you open.  

  7. Hi Adrian, i clicked " Download it here" and the appearing dropbox page said 
    Error (509)
    This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!Do you have any other working alternative download link?

  8. All done with a choice of 7 download mirrors :)

  9. thank you very much ;-)

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  11. hey Adrian..
    You make ur own version of beini right..i'll try ur version the way nice job

  12. just modified it and made it better, I would like to build my own Tiny Core Linux one day :)

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  15. stop stealing my content and my visitors or I will take your website down with DMCA notices.

  16. Hello Adrian, I'm New to Beini, I used to Have 1.2.1 and used Feeding bottle and minidwep-gtk to crack WEP but I needed to try Cracking WPA-WPA2 with BruteForce Reaver, so i downloaded your version 1.2.4 and it seems just like the 1.2.1 except for the "XFE" which is very handy btw, My point is: How Do I launch Reaver to bruteforce attack a certain SSID?

  17. This is command line so you have to launch it through command prompt. AKA Root Shell or Terminal (see where mouse is in picture). Wash is also used to scan for WPS enabled routers. Type reaver then push enter and you will see a bunch of commands. However, it is all not that easy. You have to see if injection is working on your card, it is also a good idea to change your mac address and you must also scan for WPS enabled networks. May I suggest you head over to and download Xiaopan which has a GUI version (called inflator) as well as an updated Minidwep that includes reaver. Much easier for beginners. However, if you want to use command line there are heaps of videos on how to do it on YouTube and another good resource is:

  18. I might also add you can use Beini 1.2.5 which has GUI inflator as well.

  19. This is hard work man I download the program... extracted the iso file but how to instal it???


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