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12 January 2012

A New Kid in Remote Sensing Town: IDRISI Selva v17

Clark Labs has just announced their new IDRISI. Taiga v16 was a world away from Andes v15 with the introduction of a Land Change Modeler and Earth Trends Modeler. Selva v17 incorporates major upgrades of these two modules and also includes special tools to support REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation). These are major tools for urban and environmental planners as well as environmental scientists and alike. 

Did a change detection analysis a while back which incorporated the basic supervised (Maximum Likelihood Classification) and unsupervised classification (ISOcluster). We also used the Land Change Modeler to find out where most of the vegetation to make way for the built environment and the results were quite dramatic and accurate. Really looking forward to testing this puppy out. 

Poster that we did at Griffith University to quantify and visually show landscape changes

You can preorder Selva, this is a major revision so I do not think there is an upgrade price. However, you get good discounts if you are an academic institution or from a disadvantaged country.


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