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25 January 2012

Best Jailbreak Apps & Tweaks (That Are Actually Useful)

One of Cydia's downfalls is that anyone can establish a new repo and upload files of time wasting junk. This increases search times and can slow down your device. I am speaking of many years of experience when I say: Installing something from an unofficial repo could lead your precious iDevice being stuck on the apple logo requiring a full reinstall.

You have to ask yourself which repos do you trust and add those to your list of sources. You should also check for iOS and device compatibility of that particular tweak or app. Another good Cydia tip is that you can hide sections, by clicking Edit > Section Visibility. I particually do not need to have 3,542 ringtones come up during my Cydia search.

There are also a range of apps such as Barrel, Winterboard and Graviboard that add to the coolness factor of jailbreaking. They slow down your device and to be honest, most of your friends won't be really impressed. So, here is my list of Jailbreak apps and tweaks (Most iOS 4 compatible, all are iOS 5 compatible) that you might actually find useful, with minimal impact on performance, what they do and where to find them:

1 Afc2add | ModMyi
Enables access to the root file system from your computer.

2 Appsync |
Enables installation of cracked App Store apps from Installous and Apptrackr.

3 BTStack Keyboard | BigBoss
Enables the use of an external bluetooth keyboard for typing, great for iPads especially.

4 BTStackGPS | BigBoss
Enables use of a bluetooth GPS logger for navigation on iDevices with no GPS or with a broken GPS (06.15.00 baseband).

5 FakeClockUp | xSellize
Enables speeding up of iPhone transition animations giving a placebo effect of your device running faster.

6 Five-Column SpringBoard (FCSB) | ModMyi
Add an extra column (5x4 = 20) of apps to your pages.

7 iAP Cracker | xSellize
Gain inApp purchases for free (see here: compatibility list).

8 iBlacklist | BigBoss, xSellize
Great application to block unwanted callers or texts.

9 Icon Renamer | BigBoss
Great for renaming icons, especially when using FCSB or want to name an app more appropriately.

10 iFile | BigBoss, xSellize
Great for installing / deleting files. Ability to bookmark essential folders, change permissions. Compress files into .zip and send files to dropbox!

11 Installous |
I prefer to download apps from my computer and sync with my iPhone. However, many iPhone users have limited access. This is where Installous comes in handy and functions similar to Apple's native App Store app. The only difference is that all the apps listed in Installous are cracked and free.

12 IntelliscreenX | ModMyi
The iPhone lockscreen does not provide much information. Lockinfo allows you to add more information such as push notifications, missed calls, calendar events, RSS feeds and the weather / forecast. More polished than Lockinfo. However, not compatible on all devices.

13 iWep Pro | iWazowski
Best app for hacking wifi networks. For alternatives, see here

14 KillBackground | BigBoss
Kills all the background apps running in the background with a push of the KillBackground Button. Faster than the SB settings method and closing the apps one by one in the background dock.

15 Lockinfo | ModMyi, xSellize
Alternative to IntelliscreenX that provides the same functionality

16 Netatalk | Cydia / Telephoreo
Implementing this enables your iDevice in the list of devices on your Mac to transfer and delete files. You will have to log in using Username: root and Password: alpine

17 SBSettings | Bigboss
Swipe the notification bar to quickly turn off/on system toggles, change brightness, clear processes and respring your device.

18 ScreenSplitr | BigBoss
Use this to create screencasts with iDemo and your laptop.

19 ScrollingBoard | BigBoss, xSellize
Allows you have unlimited apps in your folders. It is an alternative to Infinifolders, but I find ScrollingBoard is much faster and doesn't hang when I push folder icons. It also provides a bit more with dock plugins that allow easy swipe access to things like volume and iPod controls.

20 UDID Faker | xSellize
I like to fake my device ID because I do not want any app to phone home with my actual UDID. You should definitely use this if you use iAP Cracker.

21 Veency | Cydia / Telephoreo
This is more cool than useful. However, I do use it from time to time when I want to view my iPhone Screen or use my Mac keyboard to type messages on my laptop. There are a number of VNC clients. I use JollyfastVNC.

22 WiFi Passwords | BigBoss
This stores your passwords you enter from WiFi networks. So you can retrieve the password of networks you have accessed.

Recommended Repo Sources
Cydia / Telephoreo:
Not Recommended
Banned iPhone:

Speed Up Your iPhone
Another way to negate the performance loss from installing tweaks and apps from Cydia is to delete the following LaunchDaemons using iFile, Netatalk, iExplorer, Phone Disk, iFunbox or similar. From: /System/Library/LaunchDaemons

Remember to backup the files you delete, or backup the entire folder.

Safe to Delete Things).plist

If you are looking to gain further performance improvements, you can delete conditional LaunchDaemons. See here for a better understanding about how these files work.

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