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20 January 2012

Blog Progress | Currently Under Construction

I am currently putting this website together and it is becoming a monumental task, so many things are currently broken (i.e. horizontal menu bar links) oh and not much content. My aim is to create a unique and substantial tech blog that digresses a little from the mainstream. I am also looking for things to write about (suggest away, menu bar might help to give a gist of the content I would be willing to write about) as well as content and guest writers. If you see an element of my blog that you like or needs reworking let me know so I can add it to the ball. 

Things to do (visually):

• Centre blog title (failed to centre using CSS, its annoying me)
• Fix title bar from moving up and down!
• Reduce blog description font size
• Proofread and format existing articles
• Add tags to posts
• Check changing language does not mess pages and elements

Things to do (content wise)

• Think, write, think, write 
• Investigate HTML / CSS Optimisation & SEO techniques
• Check browser compatibility
• Check screen resolution compatibility


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